Project Description

Overview of Oxfordshire Classes

Struggling to get the support you need with one way non-interactive online courses or YouTube? Pop-Up Pilates classes in Oxford are varied to allow you to focus on all your key postural and core muscles. We offer a mix of stretches, strengthening, toning and balance exercises for a leaner, fitter and stronger body.

During the COVID-19 Pandemic our priority remains health and wellbeing. At the moment the rates of community transmission are very high in Oxford and our classes are all online. These online interactive classes led by qualified instructors ensure that you get support along the way, so that you’re ready to join us in class when permitted.


Pop-up Pilates offers matwork Pilates classes in Oxford – in Pilates your own body provides the resistance without the aid of springs, pulleys and levers, working against gravity to build strength and develop flexibility.

Exercises take place in standing, sitting or on mats. Occasionally small pieces of equipment are used, and exercises can be adapted to challenge, progress and focus on your individual goals or for those with pain or joint problems.

Classes are split into blocks of 8. Each week, as you get stronger and more flexible, the exercises are gently progressed. Class blocks are operated on a rolling basis with new participants joining in week 1 – 2 when spaces are available. We run a variety of ability classes so you are sure to find a class that suits you!